Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So my mom asked me the other day why anyone would want a blog the WHOLE wide world could see.  I get it.  I mean, I refused to set up a Facebook account for the longest time for that very reason (Who will see this?  Who will find me that I don't want to find me?  Who will know things about me I don't want them to know?).

Well, my first reaction was to tell her about things like networking, fundraising, growing your business, get book contracts... evolution of some blogs that I have witnessed.

I then started thinking about what I have gotten out of reading blogs... namely ideas and inspiration.  But I also realized that blogs are much like memoirs and autobiographies; they are like the genres I have always loved.  I love reading amazing stories that make me feel something: joy, sadness, peace, anger - Enjoying the Small ThingsChemo-sabe, and matt, liz, and madeline to name a few.  I am so thankful for this mode of connecting with "the human experience".

I have thought about blogging for a long time, but will admit I have been a little intimidated.  Getting my toes wet (with the help of my "librarian training" program) has helped ease my discomfort somewhat.  I have created a Yola website, a few Glogster glogs, and a Wikispaces wiki.  However, those were all projects required by my endorsement program - projects I created, then abandoned.  I also joined tumbler (although I only posted iphonography photos - no writing), but that too has gone by the wayside.

My reasons for creating ode to this are many.  My main reason is to document the progress of my pregnancy, birth, and raising of this soon-to-be-child (as well as other "life-stuff")... for myself... for my family and friends for away.  What I am most looking forward to is the self-reflection and self imposed techy-realm learning that is inherent in such endeavors.  I am excited by the idea of being vulnerable with my writing (the hope being improvement in the craft).  And of course, getting back to a love of photography that has dwelled in me for the past 20 years (something I never intended to abandon).

So, as they say, let the adventure begin!


  1. It's hard putting yourself out there for the world to "see." I sometimes wonder why I share some of the stuff I share, but then I remind myself that my blog is for ME, first and foremost. If anyone reads and wants to comment - well, that's great! :)
    I'm glad you've started a blog. And I can't wait to see you talk about your pregnancy and raising your little one in this space.

  2. oh, i can relate to all of the things you have gotten out of the blogs you read. thank you for your words to remind me of why i blog... it has evolved into mostly a place to record my thoughts and my life. and i know it will keep evolving. congratulations on your new venture into this wild and crazy but mostly fun adventure in blogging! (i'm part of the linked 52 group... welcome!) and congrats on the baby-to-be too!