Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pregnancy brain

Really?  Pregnancy brain is something people really experience?  I think I had my first taste of it yesterday.  Sunday night I was having dinner with my in-laws and family friend Craig Pridemore.  Craig is running for state auditor.  Among other things, we were talking about his campaign kick-off that was taking place the very next night - of course were we all planning on going.  Upon departing from dinner I said to Craig, "See you tomorrow night."

And then there's Monday... it comes right after Sunday, right?  As my day of subbing was coming to a close, I was thinking about what to make for dinner (a common occurrence around 3:00pm).  I came home, let Scuba into the backyard, and went to the store for some ingredients.  I decided on nachos, which I'm pretty sure is nothing we've made for dinner before - this tells you I was giving some serious thought to dinner... wanting to get creative and do something different.  I came home, soaked some black beans, started thawing the ground round, and a made a snack.  I then changed into a tank-top and shorts, set up my lounge chair, and went to soak up some sun.

About this time I should have been thinking about getting ready to walk downtown to meet Doug for the kick-off event (it was starting at 5:30).  However, what I was thinking about was watering the garden as soon as the sun was low enough to shade it... all while enjoying my snack and iced grape Gatorade.  Needless to say, I finished my snack, waited for the garden to be shaded, and spent some time watering the garden along with the entire back yard.  When I came back into the house, there was a text from Doug - it was 5:15. While he was wondering when I was going to be there, I was wondering when I told him I was walking to his office to walk home with him (I do this often, but I didn't remember telling him I'd walk with him yesterday).  As I was about to text him, he called.  Of course I asked, "When did I tell you I was walking to your office?"  His reply, "We're going to Craig's kick-off, remember?"

Totally a "duh" moment.  I felt pretty silly.

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