Friday, May 4, 2012

trees (52 linked)

Disclaimer:  I know "trees" is last weeks theme (I really don't mean to be a rebel).

Being on leave and substitute teaching the last year and a half, I have adopted a phrase I use with students: I am a direction follower.  Now, I say this in reference to the sub plans that the classroom teacher has left for me.  I say this mainly when the students are questioning something I ask them to do.  Often times I will actually read the directions in the plans so students know I am following their teacher's directions.

As it turns out, I am not really so much of a direction follower - not when it comes to this first week of participating in 52 Linked.  The directions are simple...

1. Take photos throughout the week to frame your interpretation of the week's theme.
2. Post on FRIDAY (photos/text regarding the week's theme of course).

So this week's theme, mother, I posted three days early.  And although today is indeed Friday, I am posting regarding last week's theme. I couldn't help myself; the theme for last week is TREES (I love trees). I have always wanted to gather a few of my favorite tree photos in one place... and since I didn't have my new camera last week... and I didn't join this project until this week... here are few photos from the recent past.

I swear that next week I will fall in line.  My new camera is do to arrive any day - just in time for next week's theme.

Lahaama National Park, Estonia:

Underground Gardens - Fresno, California:

Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela:

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  1. I don't blame you for wanting to jump in on the tree theme. These photos are beautiful! I love that last one...amazing.
    I also had to laugh. As I type this comment I am completely fried from a day of substitute teaching! A full day of 6th graders. And what did I do? Pulled out the lesson plans and actually read a few lines to them so they knew that I knew what I was doing!
    So fun to meet you!

  2. Great photos---I especially love the last one! And don't worry about following any rules, there are no rules for blogging! :) I loved your last posts---it's funny how much more you have to say about life when you have a blog, some days post 3 enteries! What kind of camera are you getting? Can't wait to see your first shots with it! :)

  3. Those are great trees, certainly not like MN trees!
    Rules are meant to be broken.

  4. Beautiful trees, Kristi. Love the last one - the roots and the clear water and the lines. Very pretty. :)

  5. wow, those tree photos are just GORGEOUS! and i love that you added your own disclaimer to this post. ;) it's all good, whenever you post.