Monday, July 2, 2012

lighting experimentation (52 linked)

I really had every intention of creating a post for every 52 Linked theme since joining the project.  That's obviously NOT happening.  So, I've accepted the fact that sometimes I'll be inspired, and other times I will not.  And really, inconsistency is somewhat of a trademark of mine (it goes all the way back to my younger days) - perhaps not good for attracting blog followers, but I started out doing this for me anyway.

With the annual family white-water canoe trip down the John Day River this past weekend, I knew I'd want to contribute to this theme (and yes, I did go white-water canoeing while 20 weeks pregnant - all was good).  These photos were taken with my waterproof point-and-shoot camera using natural light.

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  1. i was trying to be all good about two photo links, but that obviously didn't work. i stuck to one, which every now & then i'd join the other link up, scavenger hunt sunday... it's understandable, life happens.

    these are great captures from your waterproof camera :) i want me one, too!

    i can't wait to go camping. so excited!!

  2. oooh the sky in that second one is just GORGEOUS!
    awesome shots!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful place to be!!!

  4. Oh these really make me want to go camping, it's been awhile since I've gone (I've gone pregnant too...very).
    How peaceful.

  5. I agree, some weeks are harder than others---I guess that's why they call it a challenge! Um...I have to say I love the last shot...:) I've been meaning to do one of those as of lately, but my belly isn't a typical round belly, more of I can see exactly where the bab is lying belly.

  6. WOW - that 2nd shot is incredible! :)