Monday, July 30, 2012

time (52 linked)

Time is going by so very fast this summer.  Although there are many ways to see this in action, the most astonishing to me was when I returned home from a two week trip to find our garden had exploded into mass amounts of leafy green veggies and herbs.  I was especially impressed with the tomatoes and corn.  Not quite ready to eat yet, but not long now.

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  1. My tomatoes haven't burst forth like they usually do. Keep waiting to have a plethora of them. Not sure if it's been hot enough for them. Feels like I'm watching a pot of water try to boil...time move so slowly when you are waiting for tomatoes to ripen!

  2. oh yay! looks great. my tomatoes are about the same colour and i can't wait to sink my teeth into a ripe juicy red (or yellow) one!